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Great to see you!


Nothing here over $165

It might be a leap of faith to buy art on line, but I invite you to take the leap, or at least scroll around in my virtual store, These are all small pieces, priced $150 or less. This art is the perfect size for gifts, flexible wall arrangements, or that tiny spot that needs a little color. I write corny descriptions that I urge you to ignore and just like some pieces ‘cause you like them, or better yet, buy them. Thanks for looking! Nothing here over $165!


We ship with USPS Priority Mail which includes a confirmation email with a tracking number. If you chose to ship, $25 will be added at checkout. Most pieces ship within 2-3 business days. 


Pick it up!

Let us know if you’d prefer to pick up the art piece(s) from my studio in the Washington Park area in Denver, CO we can arrange a schedule that works for you!

You gotta love it!

I want you to love your new art, so live with it for a week, 7 days from time of receipt, after that all sales are final. However, I never want you to feel stuck with a piece of my art so you have another 7 days to exchange it for a comparable piece. 


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