Hello, welcome! 

I'm VictorIa, I paint with a combination of beeswax, tree sap and pigment. It is an ancient medium called encaustic. It has a transparent, luminous quality that allows light to optically reflect back to the viewer. While I can’t take credit for that, I am conscious of the earthy, natural elements in my hands, my senses at play. My studio often smells like honey and bees will visit me there. I consider these bees, makers of the glorious wax, my tiny collaborators.


I delight in the physicality of making. Bring on the heat guns, torches, printing plates, wipers and scrapers of all kinds, odd kitchen utensils, pottery tools, pointy mark-makers that are designed for other uses; they are all at home in my studio. My art contains intended imperfections— lopsided rounds, rough scrafitto lines, uneven repetition, organic shapes, scores, textures and the occasional recognizable item. 


If a piece of art catches your eye and if you suspend time for that one nanosecond…

I want that nanosecond.