Mostly I create art because at the end of the day it is wonderful to have produced something tangible; to be able to say, "look what I made today."

I am an artist that loves the physical, emotional, spiritual, and happenstantial process of creating. I have spent a goodly number of years as a designer on a computer, solving problems and making things look awesome for my clients. A few years ago I made a conscious effort to get more tactile. I rediscovered the joy of creating something with my hands and the satisfaction of producing something tangible.


So I am a maker. I can’t draw worth beans; my art is not figurative. I find other ways to create images. I can easily cross between the two worlds of digital and manual design. I love using all the tools at my disposal, from pixels, to palette knife to heat torch. I love the exuberance of it all. All of this activity, this need to be tactile, is perhaps my small, personal rebellion against being plugged in all the time. ‚Äč